Welcome all

Welcome to my little piece of the net.This is where you can immerse yourself in my life to a small degree. My menu system will take you to the various parts of this net site. It is low graphical as I remember not everyone has broadband and not everyone has a computer that can handle the latest graphic gimmicks.

What you will not find on this site anytime soon are these...
  1. You will not find ColdFusion multimedia.
  2. You will not find fancy Flash multimedia or movies.
  3. You will not find memory intensive graphics just so I can show off.
  4. You will not find fancy scripts for no reason than pride
  5. You will not find Macrovision Multimedia anything.

You will never find any of these on this site ever.
  1. You will never find Internet Explorer only code.
  2. You will never find Active X objects. (*1)
  3. You will never find Microsoft Java code.
  4. You will never find Microsoft Javascript code.
  5. You will never find Microsoft DHTML code.
  6. You will never find Microsoft XML code.
  7. You will not find some other Microsoft proprietary code here except possibly VBScript once it goes ISO and /or more browsers can use it.
*1: If I code it personally and other browsers besides M$ Internet Explorer can use it, then you may find Active X on this net site.
Visual Basic can create Active X dll's and Active X Executables. I will not put any Active X code on my site except in compressed file
archive form until other browsers such as Opera, Mozilla's Firefox, Mozilla SeaMonkey, and others can use Active X.

Known Acceptable Browsers Any browser listed has been tested on this site with no known major bugs. Display errors are not considered a major bug. All other browsers have not been tested with obvious unknown compliance.

*1: Firefox is the best browser IMO. You really ought to give it a try.
*2: SeaMonkey is very close to Firefox. The UI is different yet the underlying code is almost the same for the browser part.
*3: Opera 10.x.x and newer should work without incident. Older Opera versions are more questionable.
*4: Chrome is a very fast browser. It may be faster than Firefox. I do not care for its UI layout at this time.
*5: You really want the latest version released in your chosen browser for all HTML5 features to be fully functioning. Opera has the best known compliance starting with version 11.x.x and up for HTML5.
You can use any HTML4 compliant browser to view this site with minimal expected problems for now. I may keep this site in dual format if possible; I will decide on this later.

Forward and Warnings

This site will be done my way. It will not be normal by most American standards. I do not kid myself into thinking most other cultures will consider this normal either. Here are some facts I need to get handled before going onward.
  • This net site group will be done in my own personal manner without regard to any existing national standards. I am an individual who flat out refuses to be just another drone.
  • I will be using a mix of American English, Norwegian, Swedish, personal terms, and slang on this net site.
  • I will update this net site as often as I can that my free time allows if I have something worth updating.
  • This net site is getting done in a mix of HTML 5 compliant editors with few if any bells and whistles initially. I would rather have a site that works well than a site that looks current which takes forever to load. You may have forgotten how many people are on older machines yet I have not. You may have forgotten how many are still on slow dial up connections. I have not. Not everyone has a browser that can understand all the bells and whistles modern net pages can have. These factors are why I stay with simple HTML 4 not the XML that is out. DHTML is a possibility later on. I will be transitioning over to HTML 5 piecemeal style
  • My own personality is such that I am not the most pleasant person all the time. I am known to have these personality traits...Obnoxious, stubborn, defiant, occasionally greedy, occasionally selfish, minimal tact, and highly individualistic. Many people have told me I have a cruel, harsh, mean, merciless, pityless, and vengeful streaks in conjunction with my well known highly defensive and volatile nature. If one adds in my tendency to speak my mind with digital direct clarity without regard to how others may take my speaking, I may not rate too highly on the civilized scale. My view is too many people feel they must be politically correct at all time in all things. I do not. The general idea is simple. I am a nice guy most people would like in some manner as long as they can handle my vocal methods especially digital direct output. On the positive sides I do have humor, I do get along very well with most small children, I work well with the common house pets well, and have a light side that does shine through.
  • Unlike too many sites with an obnoxious sign by my view "This site is under perpetual construction" or something close, this net group is perpetually under construction yet shall probably never have that darn sign.
  • I will use spell checking on my English by default. Grammar checking may or may not be done constantly.
  • This may drive some people nuts. I am going to treat this whole net group like a application I might write. It makes sense for me. It will be a non standard net group in too many ways.
  • Do not consider everything here perfect. Much of this data here needs verifying before it should be taken as correct.
  • I will do what I can regarding my language skills.
  • This site will be done in piece by piece manner. I will not be worried how often I change this site's pages. I call this "living net" approach. You call it what you wish. Since this site will be done in pieces with page by page approach, I do not suggest linking to anything other than a main page. The page could disappear without warning.

    Main Pages

    Current Netsite Project:
    I have finally acquired some free time to work on my Pleasanton Scottish Games of 2012 media files. I am hoping to have all reviewed, noted,
    and uploaded in the next few days. Yes, I am still working very slowly on converting this entire site to HTML 5 yet that will have to wait.
    I do not have much time and I have made virtual promises to multiple persons, Pipe Majors and /or Drum Majors of Scottish Pipe and Drum Bands, a movie link
    for their band. I will not let these virtual promises be broken because I have little free time for my net site.

    Date Format Note
    I do not use standard dates. Those have been deemed excessively analog. I do not like analog. I use a digital based date format. This format is simple IMO..MMDDYYYY . That is 8 characters exactly which does cover everything. If this were an app I am writing I would declare it as "Global DateFormat as string * 8" or something close. The day this site really got going was 05112003.

    For whatever reason, I am going to list what I use for this net site here. I am using Bluefish 2, Blue Gryphon 1 , WordPerfect 15 , and FileZilla Client 3 are all used in creating and /or maintaining this site.
    Netsite Note
    I am aware that I am a "Johnny come late" to this HTML 5 format. I am aware and doing what I can as free time allows. If it were not for an active job search in my field, I would not have found the
    organization that is effectively pushing me to revamp this site. I am involved in a project for this organization that is assisting me in learning HTML5.
    You can email me here if you would like to.

    Experimental webcode I am having problems getting anchors for internal web page travel hopping to work. The URL's below should take one to my Scot Fest page especially to either pix or movies. Scot Fest 2012 Pix
    Scot Fest 2012 Movies *************************************************************************************************************************************
    Net Site Changes

    A nice guy named Sperling did produce some of the code used on this site. It was marked donorware with only Paypal as the sole donation form approved. Given some of this
    web code will end up on my own personal site(s) I would not mind making some donation from my own pocket if another donation method existed.
    Sperling Helpful Pages