This page contains my current entertainment listings. I am not sure if I will keep all of these on this page or make this a true menu page at this time.
It is likely I will convert it into a true menu page in due time.

I am in the process of both making this section into a proper menu and upgrading the whole netsite to HTML5. Given I have at least 2 major projects going plus others, this will not happen overnight. I will get it done as my scheduling and free time permit.

I do feel obligated to state the obvious for any who know me. I am an amateur photographer. Do not expect high quality for these media files. I was almost certainly not getting the best possible views that I could.

The AVI files should not be a problem for anyone with a semi current media player as this is an old media format. Quick Time, Media Player Classic, VCL,
Irfanview, WinAmp, Microsoft Media Player, and many others should have no problems playing these media files. I am aware that not all media players may offer
full support to MP4 media files at this time. Therefore I am listing media players that are either open source free or freeware below. I can not promise your
particular OS ( Operating System ) will be covered by any of the media players listed below.

Open Source based freeware

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

VideoLAN's VCL


Apple's Quicktime


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